Quiltin' Time! Pricing

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Quiltin' Time!
Hand Guided Machine Quilting
by Karin O'Reilly
McPherson, Ks
January 1, 2015

Simple meander or loopy meander

$2.00 per square foot

Dense pantos & fancy freehanding (depends on intricacy)

$3.00 per square foot & up

Custom Work

$3.00 per square foot & up

Hobbs Batting: 80/20 or Polydown (polyester)

$.35 per square foot

Minimum charge

$35.00 for edge to edge, $50.00 for custom design

How to figure square footage: Measure the length & the width of your quilt in inches.
Multiply length x width and divide by 144. Your answer is the area of your quilt in square feet.

Additional charges are applied for misc. things as quilt or border repair, piecing the backing, specialty threads, "rush" jobs, etc. Please inquire as necessary.

Thank you for your business…I enjoy all the wonderful quilts and quilters!


Karin O'Reilly